La Medicca – Herbs Exporters in India

La Medicca has earned the reputation of manufacturing and supplying the quality herbal products in India in the most professional manner. Our wide range of ayurvedic products like the essential oils, herbal extracts, raw herbs, single herb capsules, aromatic pillows and many other quality products. Our herbal products are extracted from the original source of ayurvedic plants and herbs. We have over thousands of products for various health problems.

Not only that we are the original herbal extracts manufacturer in India. Our herbal extracts have large extraction capabilities which are standardized by the bioactive principles. Our extractions are certified by Microbiology, Pathogens and Heavy metals. Further on customer’s suggestion we have the facility of customized extraction only on confidential contract basis. Our herbal extracts are categorized under various categories like aqueous, alcoholic, hydro alcoholic and spray dried powder extract.

herbal extracts manufacturers in indiaLikewise the essential oils are an important part of ayurvedic medicines; La Medicca offers these essential oils which have the cure for almost every health problem. We have over 100 essential oils which are either cultivated or wild crafted by the top experienced team. We supply our essential oil for people all over the world. The customers can directly come in contact through our email id. We are the largest essential oil suppliers in India with in in house R&D space all essential oils are tested before sending to the customers.

We have the most knowledgeable and experienced team who have the detailed knowledge of all ayurvedic medicine and its medicinal values. We have our dedicated in house R&D facility where all the herbs and ayurvedic medicines are manufactured after they are extracted. We have our outlet in Gurgaon, India but for the customers who are far from these needs not to worry because we provide the facility of supplying products at your doorstep. Not only in India, have we also exported our medicines outside India. Our facility outside the country has made us the top herbs exporters in India. All our medicines are available at relatively cheap price as compared to other ayurvedic medicine supplier in the country.


La Medicca – Leading Essential Oils Suppliers in India

Ayurveda is an important part of the people especially in Indian sub-continent. The major reason is that the roots of Ayurveda were found in the sub-continent. Ayurvedic products and medicines are always considered the best form of medicine for curing all sorts of health related problems. The best part about the ayurvedic products is that it has no side effects as compared to the normal scientific medicines. Now, Ayurveda has become a global product with people from all over the world using the products for its high medicinal value. In India, La Medicca is the largest Ayurveda products manufacturers in India providing all sorts of ayurvedic medicines and products.

La Medicca is been in this industry since 1965 providing unique range of world class ayurvedic products in India and outside India as well. La Medicca offers a whole lot range of herbal products in India with no side effects. The herbal products are directly extracted from the natural sources with the help of high experienced team. There are various types of herbal products available with La Medicca like raw herbs, herbal extracts, single herb capsules, essential oils, aromatic pillows and many more.


The herbal extract from the La Medicca is the most preferred product by the buyers. Currently there are over 60 herbal products which are extracted in large capabilities. Our extraction process is certified for Microbiology, Pathogens and Heavy metals. The extracts are available in various forms like aqueous, hydro- alcoholic, alcoholic and spray dried powdered extracts. All this is possible because of our in house in quality control and research and development center, where we can easily test various products. These reasons make us the leading herbal extract manufacturers in India.

Like herbal extracts, essential oils are an important ayurvedic product. So, La Medicca provides such quality essential oils to its customer for various health problems. La Medicca has over 116 types of essential oils plus 17 natural oils, all produced from the natural resources. The essential oils are either wild crafted or cultivated, all these processes are carrying forward by highly knowledgeable staffs. We not only manufacture but also supply the essential oil in India and also outside the country also. La Medicca is the top most essential oils suppliers in India.

La Medicca – Herbal Remedy For Weight loss

La Medicca provides quality ayurvedic products in the form of oils, herbs, tablets, extracts and many more. The herbal products are extracted from the natural resources so it contains the ayurvedic components intact in the product. We have ayurvedic cure for every problem especially piles. A pile is one such problem which is supposedly increasing every year. Only proper solution can eliminate the risk. La Medicca has the herbal medicine for piles which can easily cure the piles without any side effect. The LM Piles Cure from La Medicca is the best medicine for piles in the market. If effectively cures the piles with no pain. Since the medicine is in capsule so it is easy to consume. So, it is genuinely recommended that ayurvedic cure for piles are the most effective and correct.

Herbal remedy for weight Loss

Weight loss is one common problem among people especially the adults. They tend to lose weight easily. With losing weight at regular times they energy in the body also gets loosed. To recover the weight loss La Medicca brings herbal remedy for weight loss. The Medicago Sativa Capsules are the best herbal medicine for anti- obesity so it well help to gain weight and side by side provide energy in the body. This capsule contain Garcinia it is a fruit which has rich source of HCA acid that helps to improve fat production in the body and recover the weight loss.

Likewise menstrual problem also needs some attention and care. It is the painful few days for the women in a month. So La Medicca offers herbal remedies for menstrual problem so that it can give relief during that time. The “Remens” and “Remens Forte” medicine helps women during that period. The significant results will show in 3 days. Same like menstrual problem the leucorrhoea problem is also rising and accurate solution is needed. The herbal remedy for leucorrhoea by La Medicca is the best in the business. The “Lecuwell” medicine will help the women at that painful time. It is herbal capsule extracted from ayurvedic herbs and oil. This gives the best ayurvedic cure with no side effects.

La Medicca – Herbal Products in India

Ayurveda has its roots in Indian subcontinent countries especially India, for thousands and thousands of years ayurvedic remedies are practiced for curing health related problems. The reason that attracts people towards Ayurveda is that it has no side effects as compared to the scientific medicines. Not only in India people from all over the world are using ayurvedic medicines and getting good results. Many companies sell ayurvedic medicines in the market but the company that sells genuine ayurvedic and herbal products in India is La Medicca.

herbal Product in IndiaLa Medicca is known for its unique range of world class ayurvedic products in India as well as outside the country. La Medicca offers world class ayurvedic herbs, oils, capsules, Aromatic Pillows, Herbal Extracts from almost medical cures. The important thing is that it doesn’t have any side effects. Besides manufacturing the herbal products in India we also export the medicines and products all over the world. Even we are regarded as the leading herbs exporters in India. Our export service is very smooth as the product is delivered on time.

Our essential oil products are the most sold products, the essential oils have benefited people with quality medicinal value. There are over 114 essential oils available with us covering almost every health problem. We are the leading essential oil suppliers in India; our essential oils are made using finest medicinal herbs using traditional methods so that the natural nutrients remain intact in the product. Our essential oils are either wild crafted or cultivated from the natural resources to give no side effects.

La Medicca – Herbal Extracts Manufacturers in India

La Medicca are the leading herbal extract manufactures in India, some of our products include Adhatoda vasica, Acorus calamus, allium sativum, cassia fistula, eclipta alba, and many more. All these herbal products are made by collecting the finest ayurvedic components from the nature. Herbal extracts are active ingredients of plants and are often used for commercial and medicinal purposes. Besides manufacturing we are also the leading herb exporters in India.

herbal extracts manufacturers in india

Essential oil is also an important ayurvedic product which has many health benefits. Essential oils being to use are the most preferred medicine. We are the largest essential oil suppliers in India covering the entire country. Our company has essential oils for problems like balanced hormones, support digestion, boost energy levels, improve brain function, boost skin and hair health, boost immunity and fight infections, etc. Our essential oils provide natural, safe and cost-effective essential oils. Some of the essential oil we manufacture includes Calamus oil, French Basil oil, Palmarosa oil, etc. Our essential oils are trusted as pure in India as well as outside the country. Our essential oil has natural healing qualities and contains no additives or adulterating. We provide essential oils at minimum affordable price. Also hair problem is a big issue; hair is that part of the body which makes the physical appearance more beautiful. So, La Medicca has ayurvedic medicines for hair fall; “Hair care” capsule is one such medicine which restores health of hair from root to tip.

Our company is fuelled by a team of dedicated professionals. There are pharmacists, chemists, botanists, micro biologists, pharmacologists, clinicians, etc. that works in our team of scientists. We provide products at competitive price. Our mission is to improve human health and provide world class natural health care products. We have maintained strong worldwide partnerships with reputed companies.

La Medicca – Garcinia Ayurvedic Medicine

La Medicca have medicine for every problem one such highly demand medicine is Amaltas.The Amaltas is collected from the “Golden Shower Tree” and it is found in the form of bark after once skinned out of its stem. This herbal medicine has several health benefits that cures rheumatism, Inflammatory swellings of ulcers or wounds. It is believed worldwide that such medicinal extract reduces the purulent discharge of an infection which has been proved already. In the term of the Latin, it is known as “Cassia Fistula.

All over the world there has been a significant increase in obesity cases. Obesity has led to dangerous health condition. Ayurveda can provide a permanent solution to the obesity. We at La Medicca have the perfect medicine; Garcinia is one such raw herb which has a higher degree of medicinal advantages to reduce obesity.This raw herbal medicine assists to protect from being obesity further on.

Cassia Fistula & Garcinia
There are a number of Ayurveda medicines manufacturers available, but
only at La Medicca we provide genuine Ayuvedic medicines. Due to the extent of pollution, there is a rapidly growing health threat. Most of the people suffer from weak nourishment as well as poor digestion. Such facts increase the probability of a number of health issues and among them, the hair fall is one of the major diseases that is seen in many people. The proper Ayurvedic medicines for hairfall are effective to get rid of it. It brings alopecia, baldness, and sometimes grey hair too.

Another more essential disease may have noticed by everyone that is a menstrual disturbance. Most of the young girls and housewives seem to be suffered highly from such a disease. La Medicca, best Indian Ayurveda medicines supplier provides a quality herbal remedy for menstrual problems. Remens is such a herbal remedy that includes several useful elements to regulate menstrual problems in women. It has no side effect if anyone takes it regularly under the supervision of an experienced Ayurveda. Leucorrhoea is a sign of infection, particularly the discharge seems yellow and having an offensive odour. There are available proper Herbal remedy for leucorrhoea and it can be cured gradually.

La Medicca – Ayurvedic Products Exporter in India

Ayurvedic is oldest and best the form of natural medicines in the entire world with historical roots in Indian subcontinent. Globalized and modernized practices derived from Ayurveda traditions are a type of alternative medicine. In countries beyond India, Ayurveda therapies and practices have been integrated in general wellness applications and in some cases in medical use. There has been significant rise in the use of ayurvedic and herbal products in India. Ayurveda has cure for every medical problem but the problem is to where to get these ayurvedic medicines at one place.

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One such company that is well known for its unique ranges of ayurvedic product in India as well as outside the country is La Medicca. The company is the largest herbal extract manufacturer in India with deep study about herbal product we are able to come to this position. Apart from being the manufacturer we are also the largest ayurvedic product exporter in India. Our ayurvedic medicines are now used by customer all over the world this can be only be possible because we are able to provide quality products. Besides manufacturing different dosage forms, La Medicca has a strong presence in the holistic healing segment also. Our range of herbal aeromatic pillows- a unique concept has been widely appreciated abroad by thousands of satisfied customers.

Our main ayurvedic product is the essential oils which are made from the best herbal elements. We have variety of essential oils available on our website for every problem which the customer can purchase from the website. With our numerous options we have predominantly become the top essential oil suppliers in India.