La Medicca – Ayurvedic Cure for Piles

A well-known name for its unique range of top-class ayurvedic products around the world, La Medicca is currently one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of herbal formulation in North India. The company has the best products to provide Ayurvedic Cure for piles. One such product is LM Piles cure which is very beneficial for those suffering from piles. It can cure internal piles, external piles and bleeding piles, pre and post-operative and all haemorrhoidal complications. It is recommended to take this capsule in the morning on empty stomach with milk/water for 10 days. You may repeat the process if required. While taking this medication you should avoid the use of hot & spicy food, meat, alcohol etc. Once your medication will be completed your constipation will be relieved, stool will be softened, bleeding will be stopped.

ayurvedic products manufacturers in india

It is very important for everyone to build healthy bones. We accomplish peak bone mass once we reach 30 years of age and if not enough bone mass is built during this time or bone loss occur later in life then you are at the risk of developing fragile bones that break easily. To cure this problem La Medicca has Bone strengthening medicines in their store. One such medicine is Bonefix. This medicine heals up the bone and improves it’s functioning. Two dosages of this capsules in a day will perform its work.

La Medicca also provides the Herbal remedy for weight loss. If you are suffering from weight gain and finding it difficult to reduce your weight then La Medicca will provide you with the safest and natural way to get rid of extra fat. The Slimmer Capsules of La Medicca is very useful when it comes to weight loss. These capsules will reduce the extra fat of your body according to your age and you are naturally built up of your body. There is no risk of any side effects with this capsule.


La Medicca –Essential Oils Suppliers in India

A popular name among the natural products, essential oils can be used through inhalation or through topical application of the diluted oil. These oils are openly available in the market but using them under the proper prescription of the producer companies or the Ayurveda professional is the best thing to do. Aromatherapy deals in essential oils and its diverse usage. La Medicca is one of the leading essential oils manufacturers in India. This one of the biggest essential oils suppliers in India has the diverse collection of essential oils which are made of natural herbs that are rarely to be found.

A result of extensive research in the Ayurveda industry, La Medicca has been able to bring the unique collection of the rare essential oils which have the incredible usage in this materialistic age where people are now escaping to the serenity for the peace of mind. Rhododendron oil, Artemisia oil, Calamus oil, Palmarosa oil, Sugandha Kokila oil are a few to name among the wide range of extensive oils available at La Medicca.

ayurvedic products manufacturers in india

The essential oils consist of the highly concentrated liquids being extracted from bark, berries, flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, or twigs. The most common process for extraction is the steam distillation, in this process the pressurized steam is passed which causes oils to evaporate out. Now the mixture of oil and steam is condensed into the liquid form and thus the oil is skimmed off. The oils made of jasmine rose and orange blossom follows the same procedure. These oils are generally used in perfumes or diffusers for getting the warm and rejuvenating fragrance.

Being one of the top manufacturers of the herbal products in India, La Medicca specializes in herbal based quality Ayurvedic products such as aromatic pillows, essential oils, and several Ayurvedic medicines. 

Contact details: – La-Medicca India Private Limited, Plot No. 168, Sector 7, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon-122 050, Haryana, Ph: +911244007376

Serving The Human Beings Through Healthy Herbal Products

Each of us wants to stay healthy and happy throughout life. To maintain the happiness throughout our life, we need a life of disciplined life so that we can stay disease free. But in this 21st century, if we are highly disciplined, we are less prone to get the disease but yet we become the victim of several diseases; out of them some are severe are some are easily curable. In our daily life, we come to face pollution and our sluggish life also affects our health; it also includes our eating behaviour. Due to the ongoing transformation in our lifestyle, we have also become addicted to the allopathic medicine that has the deep side effects on our human body. On the name of healing the disease in a lesser time, these medicines are affecting our body and weakening our immune system to a great system. So, the current generation is moving towards Ayurveda.

herbal products suppliers in india

Ayurveda is a synonym to adopt a healthy lifestyle. There are some dedicated herbal extracts manufacturers in India. La Medicca has been recognised as the top herbal medicine manufacturers in India due to its diversity of natural medicines, Ayurvedic capsules or pills, Ayurvedic oil and aromatic pillows. Being a herbal dry extracts manufacturer of India, La Medicca is offering healing herbal capsules that are made from the extracts of the natural herbs. These capsules have no side effects upon the human body and they are meant for the highly effective treatment of the disease belonging to the human body.

Herbal capsules of La Medicca are made up of natural plant herbs without any artificial component added to them. Diverse parts of a plant like stems, roots, leaves, twigs, flower and fruits are used in the manufacturing of these herbal products. These ayurvedic herbal medicines are very effective. At La Medicca, while manufacturing these capsules, quantity of herbs is kept in proper proposition because using a higher amount of herbs could lead to poisoning.

Herbal products by La Medicca have been proved to be very safe. They are very safe to use and can be adopted for a better disciplined and healthy lifestyle. Each product at La Medicca is naturally made and well-tested pioneer to making the final launch in the market. La Medicca has the years of expertise in manufacturing the best quality herbal products. Being the best herbal dry extracts manufacturers, it is serving the Indians in maintaining their health and keeping them disease free without creating any side effect upon their body. The diversity of the products is the speciality of La Medicca and each single herb capsule is dedicated and scientifically proven in curing or healing the concerned disease.

La Medicca, with its wide range of health friendly products, has also become one of the demanding herbs exporters in India and serving its endless service in the ayurvedic segment with its diverse range of quality products to bring healthy and nature-friendly lifestyles to the human beings. This herbal products manufacturer company is being recognised in international market too as the leading herbal exporter.

Herbal Products Are The Demand Of The Modern Health Conscious Generation.

Why people consider herbal care products over other chemical made products? Why a feeling of safe purchase comes in your mind whenever you go with any herbal products? There is no doubt that we all are aware of the fact that herbal products are manufactured using natural herbs and natural ingredients and they do not cause any harm. The herbal products have no side effects when used and also no allergic reaction to our body and immune system. The importance of the herbal products is increasing rapidly due to the safety features. India being a place of cultivating the maximum variety of natural herbs is becoming the most considerable spot for many companies who are producing herb-based products.herbal3

With the growing demand for Herbal products in India, more companies are concentrating on producing herb based products and medicines with a high production rate to meet the rise in demand by the health conscious people who understand the harmful effects of chemical based products. To match the best in the industry La Medicca is serving the country for 50+ year and is the leading herbal medicine manufacturer in India. Apart from the manufacturing part, La Medicca has also been involved in the area of the research and development for improving the quality and producing new herbal medicines. The company has an expert team of scientists who work in different departments such as pharmacology, phytochemistry, quality control, microbiology, and in-house team for experimental studies. La Medicca is producing excellent quality medicinal herbs in India that have been appreciated and awarded around the globe for years.

Herbals won’t replace pharmaceuticals but the research confirms that for many conditions herbal products work well, are cost-effective and leave no side effects. The benefits of the herbal products and medicines have been acknowledged and trusted worldwide. Continuous use of the herbs also helps you to alleviate several infection and diseases. La Medicca is well known for its unique and wide range of herbal products in every dimension and maintaining the quality to compete globally. The long experience over the years acquired with the latest technology and expertise has led La Medicca to gain the reputation of a quality conscious manufacturer and exporter of herbal formulation. This has not only helped La Medicca to earn respect at the domestic level but also in the overseas market.

La Medicca has a strong hold and presence in the holistic healing segment which led the company to introduce the range of herbal aromatic pillow which is in itself a great concept that has been used widely and appreciated globally by thousands of satisfied customers. ayurvedic products manufacturers in indiaThere are various different herbal products available in the market that can be explored according to the requirement of the consumer from the outlet. The company has a prime focus on improving the human health worldwide and has become a world-class company of ayurvedic natural healthcare. In coming times the ayurvedic treatments are to be considered globally as the most effective method to cure diseases and illness.

Herbal Products – The Best Way To Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle

Every human being wants to live a healthy and a happy life. We expect minimum risks in our life related to all issues. When the health aspect of our life comes, we want to remain healthy always so that there could be no hindrance in our day to day activities. Everybody desires the better treatment for himself and this is the reason why people are getting inclined towards Ayurveda as a remedy for their illness. Popularly known as herbal products in India, ayurvedic products have been recognized for best results without any side

Herbal products are made up of natural plant herbs without any artificial component added to them. Different parts of a plant like stems, roots, leaves, twigs, flower and fruits are used in the manufacturing of the herbal products. Being made of natural elements, the herbal products have no side defect upon a human body.

Ayurvedic herbal products are very effective without any side effects. At manufacturing time, the quantity of herbs is kept in focus because using higher amount of herbs could lead to poisoning. Herbal products manufacturers in India take utmost caution while preparing such herbs. Herbal products are not only demanding in India but also have worldwide popularity. Herbal products are in high demand as they give results without making any negative impact upon natural elements of the skin and body. In the current medical scenario, treatment is being offered through allopathic medicines which cure the disease temporarily at the instant but they leave several bad chemical impacts upon our body. While on the other hand, ayurvedic treatment takes a longer time in curing the disease but that is permanent and leaves no side effect upon the precious human body. If the disease is not very severe then ayurvedic treatment method should be adopted for a better immune system of the body.ayurvedic products manufacturers in india

Considering the diverse and positive impact of the ayurvedic medicines, people are now adopting herbal products in their day to day life to have a longer and disease free life. Because of being made of natural ingredients, herbal products are able to maintain the natural aspects of body parts for which the herbal products are being used. In the current market scenario, herbal products are available in several forms such as aromatic herbal oils, essential oils, cosmetic herbal products, herbal pillows and so on.

Herbal products have been proved to be very safe. A rundown of a few organic products, herbal products are used for a better life experience. Due to negligible side effects of herbal products, these products are again making their space in the Indian market. La Medicca specialises in herbal best quality herbal products. It is one of the leading herbal products suppliers in India. With its wide range of health friendly products, it has also become one of the demanding herbs exporters in India and serving its endless service in the ayurvedic segment with its diverse range of quality products to bring healthy land nature-friendly lifestyles to the human beings.

Importance of The Herbal Medicines In The Global Market


Over the years, the usage of herbal medicines has increased widely across the world. A large number of people are using herbal medicines for the treatment of various health problems. Due to its immense benefits, people have accepted the herbal medicines in their life, and practising numerous natural therapies. This is one of the major reasons that the herbal medicines are not available in drug stores, but also in general stores. According to the research, billion of people are preferring herbal medicines as a basic source of healthcare, which has increased the use of herbs for making the herbal medicines. Considering the importance of herbs for making the herbal products, many of the producers have started herbs plantation and become a giant herbs exporters in India. Not only the herbs are exported to other countries, but also used for making the herbal products in India. Many of the suppliers of medicinal herbs in India have become leading essential oils and herbal products manufacturers in India, and selling a wide range of herbal products in the global market.

Nowadays, the herbal medicines are considered as a moderate approach to heal and cure, which have increased the use of the herbal medicinal products on the global platform. The more and more companies are introducing the herbal medicines product in the market, which is effective in curing many diseases. Not only the natural herbs, but also the essential oil is used by people for rejuvenating their inner peace, skin beauty and body health. The excess benefits of the essential oils have increased the demand for it, in the global market. In order to fulfill this demand, many of the essential oils suppliers in India are supplying the essential oil all across the globe.

ayurvedic products manufacturers in indiaThe global acceptance and use of herbal medicines and related products have enhanced its manufacturing widely. Many of the companies have become part of the herbal products manufacturing industry to come up with an ample range of the products. But, when it comes to the quality and safety, we can’t trust everyone. It is essential that the herbal medicines are purchased from a renowned and established brand only.

There is one company named as La-Medicca (India) Private Limited is engaged in manufacturing and marketing an ample range of herbal or Ayurvedic products. As La-Medicca was established in the year 1965, it is one of the oldest and largest manufacturer and exporters of herbal formulations in the nation. The company not only manufacture the high-quality herbal products, but also has a strong presence in the holistic healing segment. The company also manufactures a unique range of herbal aromatic pillows that a created with the pure Himalayan ingredients, and are 100% safe. Additionally, La-Medicca is also engaged in manufacturing an exclusive range of essential oil with different herbs.

Since its establishment, the company is not only manufacturing the herbal products, but also maintaining its quality. To make sure about the quality of the products, the company performs various research and testing on each of the products before bringing it to the market. They use various high-technology based instruments such as HPTLC, Scanning Spectrophotometer, etc., for testing the quality of the products. With their exclusive range of quality products and powerful supply chain, the company has created a huge customer base in the market and obtain a recognized name in the industry.

Best Herbal Product Manufacturer in India

Due to drastic climatic changes, high rate of pollution, adulterated food and an unhealthy lifestyle; the health problems have become the major issues among human beings. The viral infection, skin diseases, heart diseases, breathing problems diabetes, etc., are some of the common medical conditions that most of the people suffer from. To overcome these medical conditions, it is essential that people take balanced diet, do regular exercise and take proper medicine treatment. Although for the treatment of medical issues, there are various types of drugs available in the market like Homeopathic, Allopathic, and Ayurveda medicines; Ayurvedic medicines are the most preferred among them, as they do not have side effects, and are made by the top quality medicinal herbs in India.

When it comes to the most herbal and natural medicines, then Ayurvedic medicines are the best. The Ayurvedic medicines were the core form of medicinal healing in the prehistoric time, in India. With the passage of time, the Ayurvedic drugs were continued to be used in the Non-Vedic period till the pre-independence time in India. With the help of Vedic researches and experiments, various Ayurveda therapies are developed by some renowned health physicians like Sushruta. Later, they have discovered various Ayurvedic medicines that are essential for the well-being of the human beings. Considering the importance of the Ayurveda and herbal products in India, many of the companies started manufacturing a large number of essential oils and herbal products. That’s why the people find a large number of essential oils and herbal products manufacturers in India these days. Most of the leading herbs exporters in India produce a broad range of herbal medicines and herbal products for the healthcare of the peoples. Among the list of manufacturers, there is one company that manufacturers the most purest and safest Ayurveda medicines and herbal products for the Indian and global markets La-Medicca.

La-Medicca, also known as La-Medicca (India) Private Limited is engaged in manufacturing a wide range of world class Ayurvedic products. Since its establishment, the company is concentrating for manufacturing the high-quality products for the improving the people’s life and changing their lifestyle. The company not only produces the herbal medicines but also create aromatic pillows for the healing purpose. Considering the importance of the natural essential oils, La-Medicca also involve in manufacturing a huge range of essential oil with different herbs. In addition, the company is also recognized as one of the top essential oil suppliers in India.

With its vision “To match the best in the industry, regarding scientific validation and clinical efficacy”, the company is providing the most effective Ayurvedic products to cure the medical issues with the science of life (Ayurveda). To maintain the quality of the goods, the company performs various research and testing on the products before bringing them to the market. For these, they had installed various high-technology based instruments such as HPTLC, HPLC, and UV-VIS, Scanning Spectrophotometer, etc., for performing the testing. For performing the tests efficiently, the company has a team of highly experienced professionals, who perform various researches and analysis for manufacturing the best quality products.